Monday, December 5, 2011

iPad 3 Features A6 Processor New Design

The news arrives from the web on the iPad 3 features that might be  even thinner, and the reason is the strong competition with the Amazon Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab. 
Digitimes reports on iPad 3 features, the new device will be smaller,  about 7.85” .As for the release date of the new  iPad 3 the trend is at the beginning of 2012, maybe around February or March.

The new  iPad 3 is expected to have an A6 processor, an upgrade from the A5 on the  iPad 2  and iPhone 4S too. The A6 will  have a quad-core processor instead of dual-core. The next iPhone and future Android phones are expected to have quad-core processors. If is exact the  iPad 3  new release will have a powerful quad-core processor, which would make that device comparable to desktops in terms of processor.

The  battery life of  iPad 3 will be one of the coolest features.
Equipped with  the powerful quad-core processor A6 and the resolution retina display which will require big amounts of power, the battery of the iPad 3 have to be go up otherwise the device will go down in just a few hours. The new release of iPad has to have a battery that will last a good 6-8 hours at least. This kind of battery costs may increase the price of the  new iPad 3 .

The iPhone 4S has a feature named as Siri. This a feature that let guide the device with your voice so you can proceed all your tasks without touching it. It is kind of virtual assistant, you can ask Siri to make a call, write and send a  message, even make quick search on Google for you.We expect to see this iPhone 4 great feature on the iPad 3.

Thunderbolt for the iPad 3
Thunderbolt is a new connection port that Apple has come up with for its iMac computers and the MacBook Pro laptops. The thunderbolt port although looks like the USB port. The thunderbolt port supports speeds up to 10 Gbps and having this port on the new iPad 3 means you will be able to transfer your as much music and video collections as you want from the computer in very short time. Apple has been promoting this new technology in the iMac computers and equipping the iPad 3 with Thunderbolt comes natural.

The retina display.
The retina display is nothing new and it has been around since the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S has the retina display too. People were anticipating the retina display to be a part of the iPad 2. Production problems meant that the iPad 2 will not feature the display. But this time around the rumor’s are growing by each passing day and the iPad 3 featuring the retina display is almost a certainty.

The Design. The iPhone 4S showed that Apple is willing to recycle a successful hardware design. The iPhone 4S has an upgraded processor, camera, software, and features as virtual assistant, but had the same design as the fourth-generation iPhone. The iPad 2 has minor changes comparing to the first iPad. It might be more likely that the iPad 3 will have a complete new design.

There are other  iPad3 features expected as the SD card slot, HDMI, and a camera flash. These features are very important when it comes to the use of picture and video in social media or for video editing.

The new iPad release will surprise many people with its new features and software. Apple wants to dominate the tablet market and the competition with Amazon Kindle ,Android, BlackBerry and the new iPad upgrading  can make it sure. 

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